Linux app will not quit

I have an application that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has a single window. On Mac and Windows, when I close that window, which calls Quit (or use File > Quit) it quits just fine. On Linux the underlying window just hangs around in memory and the app doesn’t quit. Since it’s the same code on all platforms, I can’t think that it could be a reference cycle on Linux alone. Before I go on a major bug hunt, does anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening?

App compiled to 64-bit with 2019r1.1. Testing on recent Mint and Fedora releases (running in a VM). User reports have this happening in non-VM environments as well.

It reminds me of <>, which should be fixed in 2019r3.
Is there a GroupBox involved? If so, your issue could be related, even though the Feedback is about a Modal Dialog.

Have a look at what’s still in the “Runtime”. By Pausing your DebugRun (after “Quit”), and click on “Runtime → Contents” in the Debugger-Area. Or such as in the examples provided in <> (55120_GroupBox.xojo_binary_project, Timer1.Action). In the best case you’ll figure out which Controls are still “alive”, when you expect them to be closed and gone. A workaround could be to manually .Close them…

Or try 2019r3 to see if your application benefits of the mentioned fix, too.

Yes, it was the GroupBox issue. Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t currently move beyond 2019r1.1, so I’ll just have to make a “fake” group box widget.