Linux 64 bit compiling error

I have a legacy application from 2015r3 that I am trying to inch up through the ranks (jumping straight from 2015r3 to 2023 is too many outdated components to deal with at one time).

When compiling for Linux 64-bit on 2016r1, during the linking process I get the error -529697949 listed three times in the error window.

Does anyone know what that means? I couldn’t find it by searching the forum.

Or, does anyone know what minimum version of xojo has the easiest time compiling for 64 bit?

My first observation about 64bit is that I had hard times with anything before 2019.

Wouldn’t 2019r1 compile a 2015 version? Just as an intermediate pass before a 2023r1.1+ edition as it also has its shares of problems.

I will definitely try that. I know I’ll have some work to do, but I’ve been working my way through 2016 and 2017 without luck, so I’ll try 2019. Thanks!

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Follow up: it compiled for linux 64 bit in 2019 R2!