Linux 64-bit ARM coming

You saw it in the roadmap?

Plugin developers may want to prepare 64-bit Linux ARM support.
Like with 32-bit ARM, I use a cross compiler on my Mac and already built all plugins for Linux ARM 64-bit target.

We may need to know what name the folder in the plugin structure has for the new library files.

Xojo Inc. just needs to ship a new Xojo version to try. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Debian 64-bit Linux ready to try.

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Dear Christian Schmitz On Feedback 42794 you wrote: “I run a cross compiler on MacOS to output ARM 32 and 64bit here.”
What do you mean with “cross compiler” that you use on MacOS in alternative/help of XOJO to output ARM 32 and 64bit ?
Is there a software to compile for ARM 64 bit ? (to be used in the meantime while waiting for the long XOJO scheduling times which are now almost more than 5 years of waiting)
Thanks for any reply or help

He writes plugins, plugins are made in C.
GCC and clang have switches to change the target processors and architectures.

If you use C++, you can use a cross Compiler, where the target platform is not the same as the compiler runs on.

That’s an important question - are we going to mimic the arm64 type or the aarch64 type?

Well, Linux calls it aarch64, while Apple calls it arm64, but both just refer to the same CPU architecture, while each OS has different calling interfaces.

So I expect aarch64 and compatibility to 64-bit Linux on the Raspberry Pi.

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