Line - works in IDE, but not at runtime

If you place a line object on a window, it honors the “borderwidth” at Design Time but NOT at runtime (reverts to 1px)

Oval and Rectangle objects DO seem to work properly.

So I guess I’m going to have to use the Window Paint Event instead

I think you are right and go that way.

I asked about the Line contro that is vertical and become diagonal (or other <> vertical as I set it) and the answer was to not use it.

So, I used the Windoa Paint event to draw a vertical line to make a separation for a window left part (in some windows / projects).

Both macOS and Windows…

I didn’t know about this and it is already reported <>

Ijust read the FBC, but I do not understand the conclusion… (confirmed or not, etc.)

Robin posted 2 images, one how it looks using the IDE and the other how the lines look at Runtime (Windows 10) and the case is verified. Exactly as Dave mentioned. I can see the same with macOS.

My guess is some wrong math when X1 and X2 are the same (or Y1 and Y2).

Just for fun try Y1 and Y2 = Y1 + 10 on a line with BorderWidth of 10. Weird looking line.

For people that don’t know how to use the Window Paint Event yet, a workaround could be to use a Rectangle with Width or Height size equal to the BorderWidth you want for your line and set the Rectangle BorderWidth to half that.

Example: Horizontal line 600 BorderWidth 8, then use Rectangle Width 600 Height 8 BorderWidth 4