Line numbering

Not really sure where to ask this or if it has already been answered. Is there any way to permanently turn on line numbering in the code editor? It’s only a minor inconvenience but if we could select that in preferences, it would be helpful.

[quote=386985:@Dave S]No … the IDE does not support visible line numbers (wish it did)
but at the bottom of the editor screen it shows the row/col where the cursor is[/quote]
Maybe you should keep up to date before making wild claims.

OP, currently, no there is not a way to keep them on. File a feature request.

There is no keystroke or menu item for it either, but you can write a macro in Keyboard Maestro (or equivalent) that presses the icon when that window opens or with a keystroke (I used cmd-3).

Thanks guys, glad I wasn’t missing something.

Your browser is not Firefox (or you never have more than 3 Tabs in the windows there.

Here is the feedback link if you guys would like to vote on it. <>