Line Height Issue

I am primarily interested in whether someone else has seen this problem and if so, what they did to fix it. It’s going to be a problem for me if I can’t get it resolved.

I am using BKeeney Shorts. I create a report and it runs and looks exactly like I need it to using the Desktop version of the Designer.
The problem is when I run it locally on my laptop via the webapp itself, the line height is about double in size. This also occurs on 2 other servers.

I talked to Bob and he said it could be a missing font or something, but I don’t think that’s the issue, but honestly I have no clue, just know that it only seems to work properly when I run the report via the desktop app. It doesn’t do this on all reports, but it seems like reports that have Breaks (Groups)
in them. Again, the report when run on Desktop is good, just not on the web version.

I know Bob did release a new version of Shorts today or yesterday, and I have not installed that yet, didn’t see anything that made me believe it was a known issue that was resolved, but I’m open to trying that also.

Has anyone seen this before?

I thought I might try to do something like see if I could create a desktop Xojo app that would take parameters and have it load and run the report, and create the PDF and then just have my webapp show the report, but I’m unsure of what the performance would be and not sure if I can even do a Shell out to run the .exe to create the pdf.

I am open to suggestions.


It’s not being consistent, so I will review some more for the ones that are not correct and see what’s different about them.

As I told you via email you can’t equate the two. The web version is using the HTMLViewer and we are exporting it as HTML. The desktop version is using the Canvas. At best I can do is an approximation between the two.

In the example project you can Export as HTML and PDF from the File menu. Maybe that will show you something.

HTML isn’t as robust as using the graphics object or creating a PDF version. The example project has multiple places that show how to generate a PDF version of a report.

I asked for a number of variables, such as operating system hosting the web app and version as well as the fonts you’re using. Maybe there is something going on but I need those details.

I am using Arial fonts only.
I am running on Windows 10, (local laptop) and Windows 2008 R2 ( 2 remote servers).
Currently using Xojo 2016 R1.1

I am seeing this in the viewer. I am not sure what you mean about creating a PDF version, but I believe right now it creates something that the viewer is showing that I then download to PDF.

I understand that there could be differences, just trying to see if anyone has experienced this before and had a solution.

I am not saying that this issue is a Shorts problem. Just trying to get the reports to look good. Maybe it won’t be able to be done, or maybe I just need to do something a bit differently.

I love Shorts and ARGEN, I own both and are using both for my projects.

I just have a handful of reports where the line height is expanding on me, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Send me your report with instructions on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing.

Will do.