Line continuation in code editor

Why doesn’t line continuation work? I put this temporarily in (until I figure out how to add cells to datalist in a loop) but it the line continuation doesn’t function as indicated in the documentation. Thanks.

lstInventory.AddRow(row.ColumnAt(0).StringValue,row.ColumnAt(1).StringValue,row.ColumnAt(2).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(3).StringValue),row.ColumnAt(4).StringValue),row.ColumnAt(5).StringValue, _

You had some errant close parens sprinkled throughout.

lstInventory.AddRow(row.ColumnAt(0).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(1).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(2).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(3).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(4).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(5).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(6).StringValue, _
row.ColumnAt(7).StringValue, _
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LOL. Thanks. I figured it out right after I posted. Came back to delete. Leaving my stupidity for posterity.

We all do it from time-to-time. Glad you’re good to go.