Light Blue 5.5: online contract signing and booking fee payment streamlines processes for photograph

Light Blue 5.5: online contract signing and booking fee payment streamlines processes for photographers
Cambridge, England
25 March 2015

Industry favourite Light Blue, business management software designed specifically for photographers, has launched a new online contract signing service to help make business admin that much more simple.

Already praised by the trade press and photographers around the world for being powerful yet really easy to use, Light Blue brings together shoot management, marketing and finances, all in one program. Light Blue is desktop software that runs on a Mac or PC, but most photographers also take advantage of the optional online services, which include syncing data between computers, the ability to link the forms on photographers’ websites to their Light Blue accounts, and free upgrades.

The new release, available 26 March 2015, is an addition to Light Blue Software’s online services. Everyone who’s subscribed will be able to send contracts to their clients, and receive an electronically signed copy back from them. This will speed up the booking process by saving photographers from needing to post or email a contract to their client and wait for it to be signed and posted back. As part of the contract signing process, photographers can also give clients a choice of quotes, and charge a booking fee, which can be paid online by card or PayPal.

Tom Catchesides, Light Blue founder, says the new service has been very well received during pre-release testing. “As a photographer, it’s important you have a proper contract with your clients, but when a client tells you that they want to confirm a booking you want to make the process as quick and painless as possible,” he says. “We’ve designed the online contract signing services in Light Blue to be powerful, but really simple to use, so once you’ve got a template set up you send your contract out to them in just a few clicks. It’s all part of our commitment to building really useful software that’ll help streamline business admin and let photographers spend more time out taking pictures.”

Beta tester Rob Pugh explains why he likes the new features: “The contract signing services are simply amazing! Normally, it’d take seven days for me to post a contract to my customer, for them to read and sign it, and then post it back to me with a cheque, which I’d then have to bank, but the whole process now takes less than a day. It’s going to save me so much time, as well as money on the postage costs!”
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