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Hola Tim, te mande email, me estaba dando problemas la versión vieja para entrar, actualice la licencia, pero sigo igual, por favor necesito solucionarlo.


Hello @Tim_Parnell , I sent you an email, the old version was giving me problems logging in, I updated the license, but it’s still the same, please I need to solve it.

I’m still stuck, Lifeboat doesn’t respond when it wants to open the connection.
I deleted the connection and created it again, now at least I get a message:
This server has a Lifeboat configuration from another system. To avoid configuration conflicts please connect from the system that configured this server.

Any help from the community, since support is not responding to me?

Tim will get back to you when he can. It’s only been a few hours.


From what you posted it looks like first Lifeboat was not able to connect, used a new Lifeboat version and deleted the connection to the server. Now you have a mismatch between Lifeboat version and server configuration. My guess is that your Lifeboat.db has already been updated and Lifeboat is asking you to use the Lifeboat/Lifeboat.db that you used for the original configuration and at this point you may no longer have that.

I hope Tim can help you fix your problem but after what is done it may be hard.

Por lo que publicaste estabas usando un Lifeboat que no se conectaba y cambiaste a una versión mas nueva y borraste la conexión que tenías al servidor. Ahora tienes una diferencia entre la versión de Lifeboat y la configuración del servidor. Pienso que Lifeboat.db ya se actualizó pero Lifeboat está pidiendo que se use el Lifeboat anterior con el Lifeboat.db sin actualizar, así que a estas alturas ya no tienes eso.

Espero que Tim te pueda ayudar a arreglar el problema pero después de lo que pasó tal vez sea difícil.

Tal vez debas abrir tu propio tema para no seguir en este hilo.

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Thanks to both of you, @AlbertoD that is indeed what you say.
My question is if I can completely uninstall from my computer in order to install the latest version of lifeboat or go back to a previous version?
I’m still waiting for @Tim_Parnell, but I have everything “frozen” at the moment, without being able to update the webapps.

Gracias a ambos, @AlbertoD efectivamente es asi como dices.
Mi duda es si puedo desistalar totalmente de mi equipo de forma de instalar la ultima version del lifeboat o volver a una versión anterior?
Igual estoy aguardando por @Tim_Parnell , pero tengo todo “congelado” en éste momento, sin poder actualizar las webapp.

If you have a backup of the previous version of Lifeboat and the corresponding Lifeboat.db you may try that in your computer or in another computer. Other than that I don’t know what you can do.

i had this problem before, you used two comps to upload ? i don’t remember exactly how to solve it, but search on second comp, maybe if you copy some lifeboat pref to your second comp, not rebuiding pref, maybe this will do the trick

It just happened, I had a special version that Tim left me, the 150, and out of nowhere I don’t connect anymore.
Then I paid the license renewal to use the latest 164 and he went on to give me that other message.
It never occurred to me to run it on another computer, the problem started out of nowhere (or at least that’s what I think) and then the update came.
I could get to the point of being able to delete everything from the server via FTP and start from scratch and upload the webapps, BUT I have to be sure that that would fix the situation.

Sucedió solo, tenia una vesión especial que me dejo Tim, la 150, y esa de la nada no conecto más.
Luego pague la renovación de licencia para usar la ultima 164 y paso a darme ese otro mensaje.
Nunca se me ocurrió correrlo en otro equipo, el problema comenzó de la nada (o por lo menos eso pienso) y luego vino el update.
Podría llegar al punto de poder eliminar por FTP todo del server y arrancar desde cero y subir las webapp, PERO tengo que estar seguro que eso compondría la situación.

You should always wait for Tim’s answer before changing ‘from special versions’ or ‘to special versions’. Maybe the upgrade path was not 150 → 164.

If you can backup your database (if any), then I would just delete the server and start fresh. I don’t think you can delete everything using FTP. Good opportunity to go from previous server version (like Debian 10, 11) to latest version (Debian 12) as never versions do use newer Nginx/Postgres (for example).

Good luck.

Thanks Alberto

You should always wait for Tim’s answer before changing ‘from special versions’ or ‘to special versions’. Maybe the upgrade path was not 150 → 164.

The first thing I did before touching anything was to write to Tim by email as indicated by his support ( that was the day before yesterday, then I started writing here in the forum to see if the community could give me some advice. hand.
Do you know anything about @Tim_Parnell ? Because he was always responsive but I remember some posts that he was not in good health. We hope you are well, I will keep trying, thanks for the contributions.

Hi, I’ve been very sick. I’m physically functioning today but my brain has not caught up yet. I will try to get back to you soon.

If you need to reset Lifeboat on a server you’ve already configured you can delete the home “base camp” on the server. The user guide will tell you right where this is. You will have to do this outside of Lifeboat with SSH or SFTP. When you connect to the server again, Lifeboat will ask if you wish to install.

This will leave configured services and nginx still running so only do this with a server you have the configuration for.

Thank you to everyone who chimed in to help! You are what makes this place great.

Best wishes,


Hello Tim, I thought you might have some health issue, I hope you recover soon.
I am going to try this weekend to restart it as you indicated, I will keep you posted, best wishes for your speedy recovery.

Hola Tim, supose que podias estar con algun tema de salud, espero te recuperes pronto.
Voy a probar éste fin de semana reiniciarlo como me indicaste, te mantendre al tanto, los mejores deseos para tu pronta recuperación.

Hello Tim, as I told you by email with your solution, I was able to reset everything and reload all the applications again, thank you very much!
It would still be good to prevent Sync (if that’s what it was) from causing that error, leaving everything unusable. Also, as you told me, I had to activate a new option in Lifeboat because I was getting many errors:
On that tab, enable the switch for “Manage --UploadPath”. Stage & Deploy. Lifeboat will now manage the temporary folder and that should resolve the exceptions you are seeing in the log going forward.

On the other hand now I am having the following error:
mkdir: no se puede crear el directorio «/tmp/efectivouysumec42001»: El fichero ya existe

Before, with version 150 that you had given me, everything was fine, any ideas?

As I mentioned in my response by email, this message is normal. You can safely ignore it. Even build 150 would have this message.

Xojo Web will only use the --UploadPath value if it already exists when the Xojo Web app launches. I found that when exiting Xojo Web deletes this folder, preventing the app from using --UploadPath value when it next launches. To work around this, Lifeboat makes use of a pre-launch instruction that can be provided for systemd.

mkdir fails when the directory already exists and logs it to the service log file. The fact that Xojo Web is using the custom --UploadPath is all that matters here, so that’s why we can ignore the message.

I’m not entirely sure how complicated the instruction can be, but I’m going to try some things to see if I can improve the behavior.

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Thanks Tim, I sent it by email and here just in case you were having trouble, but I see that you are recovered, thank you very much!

Gracias Tim, lo mande por email y por aqui por las dudas que anduvieras complicado, pero ya te veo que andas recuperado, muchas gracias!