Lifeboat: "Authentication failed. Unable to extract public key from private key"


I’ve already partially configured my web server and am trying to connect to it using Lifeboat. I didn’t know Lifeboat also does what I’ve already done manually on my server (setting up a rsa key, installing fail2ban and ufw, etc.).
So, I’ve chosen the “known_hosts” file as the authentication method and I’m getting this error:
“Authentication failed. Unable to extract public key from private key.”
My searches on the Internet always have an extra sentence at the end, so it’s never accurate to this specific issue.

If I try to log-in with the user’s password, I get this:
“Lifeboat requires no-password sudo permission to install and manage software. Please check your sudoers configuration.”
But my user (not root) can use sudo.

Any help welcome.

Have you sent a mail to Tim?

I’m not using Lifeboat, but all I can say, that the above means, that sudo should not ask for a password. So something along this line:

You want the file that contains your private key, but known_hosts sounds like the file that contains server fingerprints.

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Not needed; @Jeannot_Muller found the solution.

I didn’t know it was doable to bypass the password for doing sudo commands (I guessed it was along those lines, but discarded my thoughts because I assumed that wasn’t doable).
I followed the steps in the page you posted and it’s working fine; thank you!

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Ok… :thinking:
“known_hosts” is the only file I have (client side) from when I added rsa security. Do you mean I should have both the private and public keys also on the client side? (I thought it was a bad idea :man_shrugging:).

The client (Lifeboat) has both keys, and the server should only have the public key.


A huge thank you to everyone who contributed answers. I’ve been ill again, and that this community is willing to help out so generously is heartwarming.

The question seems to have been answered, but if anything else comes up please don’t hesitate to start a thread or reach out directly

Happy coding!

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