Lifeboat and Digital Ocean

Very interested in using Lifeboat (LF) to manage Xojo Web apps on Digital Ocean (DO). I have a question about DO.

Does DO keep my Droplet updated with the latest relevant Linux software, security updates, etc.? Or do I have to do that sort of maintenance myself? I imagine LF doesn’t do that for me.

You’ll need to check for software updates yourself. Lifeboat can do that, it’s on the Server Tools view :slight_smile: If there are updates, Lifeboat will show a button allowing you to install them.


You can set it up for yourself, Ralph.

I personally don’t like very much the idea of auto-updates to avoid breaking things unattended,
but as some people opt for it, check this out:

I, too, would recommend against having it automatically update itself to avoid breaking things.

Edit: braking/breaking typo

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How often do you personally choose to have LB update server software?

If things break when you do that, is there a way for LB to “rewind” that update?

I have it check on every connection (the checkbox in the screenshot). If there are updates, I install them and verify things are working. I just wouldn’t want it to automatically update while I’m away, because if it breaks then I’m not around to fix it.

No. Lifeboat performs the package manager update/upgrade function (as appropriate by flavor). If something breaks we’d have to debug it. I would much prefer you email me privately for this than make a public post. I can also offer hands on support that way.

So what I would lose if I opted to use LB + DO, or LB + AWS, instead of ServerWarp or Xojo Cloud, is not having to check for and install server software updates.

Xojo Cloud has the benefit of being built into the IDE and has a team that can help support you. If I am in the hospital, you’ll have to wait for me to get back to you. I don’t have a team.

Lifeboat is a DIY kind of thing. It helps tremendously and you will almost never need to get on the command line level. But if you are not comfortable with Google and some commands, you should go for a fully managed solution like Xojo Cloud.


Got it. Fair enough. Thanks, Tim.

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