License key

Help! I just ordered an update since my 2013 version isn’t working and I have no idea how to find the license key. I’ve looked everywhere, I think, but nada.

I’m a bit desperate as I need this for a presentation tomorrow.

login to the Xojo main site and login to your account

go here
sign in
once you do this down the right is “Licenses” and you can click there

But if you have an updated license then

  • install the new version
  • Sign in
    • On OS X its under Xojo > Sign In
    • On Windows its under Help > Sign in

once you sign in new licenses will be downloaded automatically

Thanks a lot, both of you. I didn’t want to download the latest version at the moment since I have 2016 R3 and it’s working fine on it and I’m kind of pressured right now … but I did and it automatically uploaded my key.

And the good news … it works!

Thanks again. This forum is a lifesaver.