LibXL 4.3.0 has been released

We are glad to inform you that the new LibXL version 4.3.0 is available now.

What’s new in the version 4.3.0:

  • added the possibility to remove all VBA code and macros from xlsm and xlsb files
  • added the possibility to remove all printer settings from xlsx, xlsm and xlsb files
  • added the possibility to set an active cell for splitted sheets (xlsx)
  • added keepAllSheets flag for the partial loading methods, if it’s true, all sheets are saved back with Book::save() method, but only one specified sheet is available for processing, thus LibXL can save more memory. It works only for xlsx files, LibXL ignores this flag for xls files
  • added the multi-level sorting for AutoFilter::addSort() and Sheet::applyFilter() (xlsx)
  • added the updating/moving existing tables with Sheet::insertRow() and Sheet::removeRow() methods (xlsx)
  • improved SVG support
  • fixed a bug with adding a hyperlink after setting a picture, the output xlsx file was unreadable by Excel
  • fixed a bug with incorrect return values in Sheet::rowHeight() and Sheet::rowHeightPx() for non-standard DPI settings for some xlsx files
  • fixed Sheet::setPrintAread(), Sheet::setPrintRepeatRows(), Sheet::setPrintRepeatCols() for working with Japanese/Chinese sheet names
  • fixed a bug with reading some values in double quotes in the Sheet::readFormula() (xlsx)
  • fixed a bug with a workbook overwriting dialog message in Excel when an existing sheet is copied in xlsx file
  • fixed a bug with reading some cells after using functions which changes sheet’s size (xlsx)
  • fixed a bug with reading tables in some xlsx files
  • fixed some bugs with partial loading/saving some workbooks in the Book::loadSheet() and Book::save() methods (xlsx)
  • fixed a bug with using non UTF-8 character encodings on Linux and Mac
  • fixed a bug with reading some data from a partially loaded workbook (xlsx)

New methods:

  • Book::removeVBA()
  • Book::removePrinterSettings()

The LibXL library can be used with MBS Plugins in Xojo. Updated plugins will be available soon. As usual we add the new functions soon. If you need help or want to try the new version early, let me know.

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