libspatialite on SQLLITEDATABASE

I try to load libspatialite extension on a SQLLITEDATABASE on ubuntu 12.04.
SQLITE3 is installed and i can load the library by a .load.
I’ve got an error who kill my app process.
I have trying via SQLConnectionMBS but it is the same thing.

session.vgDBsqllite.Connect on my sqlite file is OK
session.vgDBsqllite.LoadExtensions = true
session.vgDBsqllite.SQLExecute(“SELECT load_extension(’/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/’, ‘sqlite3_extension_init’)”)

An idea ?

Have you put code in Session.UnhandledException to see if you’re simply getting an exception?

Well, is it an extension or a SQLite replacement?
Because when I tried it last time it was a replacement, so you would tell MBS SQL Plugin to load this instead of the built in SQLite library.