Library integration in Xojo

I used Xojo on my Imac.
Now i have a Library with the name: ”libad4.dylib” that should by integrated in my Xojo program. For using a USB interface as A/D converter.
How can I integrated this Library?

Hi Hans,

On macOS, you can add a Compilation step in the IDE for copying the .dylib file inside the MacOS folder.


Hi Javier,

Thanks, but how to do, i have never do, somting like this, bevor.??

Right-click on macOS in the Build Settings section. You’ll see “Add to Build Settings”/“Build Step”/“Copy Files”

OK, I have don it. the Library is copy in to the program.
But how can i activated the Library in the Program.
The Statement “LIBAD4(Open(Device.txt)” Given in the example by the manufactor, does not work.?

You have to build Declares to use the library.

How can i build a declares?