Liberal Use Of Folders

This is something I’ve been pondering the last few days and thought I would ask for the general opinion of more experienced Xojo coders.

The source code of my application is growing steadily; when in the Xojo editor, the ‘Contents’ list in the left hand side is also growing quite rapidly and becomes almost unmanageable as more controls and methods are added.

A couple of days since, I decided to add a whole load of Folders into the project and moved the contents to those folders based upon theme.

There is an ‘Images’ folder with a series of sub-folders which contain the various icons used throughout the app. Next I have a ‘Login’ folder, which contains the initial login screen when the app is first opened together with all its logic for managing that. I also have an ‘Interface’ folder which contains the main application screen once logged in along with all of its bits & pieces. Then I have a whole series of other folders that contain windows, methods, controls, container controls etc, all based upon what they do and which part of the application they belong to.

Using a stack of folders in this way, I find it a lot easier to manage the various parts of the source code and keep everything neatly organised.

Is this a reasonable approach to take as the source code grows ? Or should I be using a different approach, or minimizing my use of folders ? It all works ok so far, I just wondered what other people were doing and what you do to help organise increasing amounts of code…

Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You can use as many (nested) folders as you want.

Note that folder names can contain spaces. This allows for having the same folder name as the class or module it contains – just append a space to the folder name.

They can also take punctuation ( ) * % $ # … and emoji :slight_smile: (>‘.’)>

Thanks chaps. Seems I am on the right road after all.

Not sure about having smilies and the like in folder names though; that doesnt quite sit right for me.