Leftover debug folders/files

Everytime I compile I either get the message(s) could not overwrite some of the previous files and the debug files and folders do not disappear as they should (I guess).
Maybe there is an option/setting on the IDE that I’m not aware of to avoid these leftovers debug folders ?


(PS: Xojo 4.1 for Windows)

The only time I’ve experienced this has been when my project is in a dropbox folder and the debug stuff hasn’t been sync’d yet. This may be the cause?

Spot on. I always work from Dropbox

Actually, I see this frequently (but not consistently) on an app I have been working on the past few weeks. The app is built on macOS Sierra 10.2.3, Xojo 2016 4.1. Project is saved in version control *.xojo_project format and NOT using Dropbox.

What I see is if I run a “remote debug” to Windows 10, about 75% of the time I find a ‘DebugAPPNAME.tar.gz’ file left in the project folder. I ended up just telling git to ignore it and leave it and let Xojo worry about deleting/creating it whenever it wants to do so.

How about choosing a different Folder for Debug-Builds (outside of your DropBox)?
Build Settings -> Shared: Debug -> Destination