Left pane disappears in Xojo IDE after search

ctrl+f, search for anything, left pane is gone (screenshot attached). How does one bring it back? it has no “view” entry. Only way to bring back is restart Xojo.

Xojo 2021r2.1, Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.

Perhaps the pane is there, but is empty. What happens if you click on the “Back” button?

“Back” or “Forward” doesn’t bring back the pane, nothing except restarting Xojo does.

  1. What did the ide look like just before you pressed ctrl+f
  2. If you click the magnifying glass at the bottom when you are in the shown state, what happens?

IDE was normal with side pane displaying the tree.
clicking the magnifying glass toggles the bottom pane, but left pane stays hidden (screenshot)

If you look in Options>General>Menu shoftcuts>Edit is Edit>Find set up as F with Control checked?

If yes, uncheck Control and recheck it, do you see any alert symbols?

Now his Apply and try it, does it do the same thing?

If you change the key above to Ctrl+J does it do the same thing?

I checked, no alerts. In any case it’s not ctrl+f that does this; just edit > find>find does the same.

pressing enter in the search field momentarily shows the whole ide (because not just the left pane, but whatever code window was open at the time of search disappears too).

graphics glitch maybe.

Sounds like it, does it appear if you drag the window left off the edge of the screen and back on?

nope, no dragging/resizing etc. but i found that ctrl+t makes it appear again by opening new tabs.

It could be related to <https://xojo.com/issue/65436> or it could be something new.

Are you able/willing to test previous editions of xojo?