leaving cookies with a web app

Is it possible to leave a cookie on a visitors computer when a web app is run. There must be a million issues with firewalls, cookie location. If it is possible to leave a cookie with information such as shopping cart contents. how would a web app know where to retrieve the cookie information from?


I think that is what you are looking for. See those methods in the language reference.

Typically you wouldn’t put the entire cart in a cookie. They’re very limited in size. What you’d want to do is set a cookie that has a unique identifier (maybe a guid) and then store the shopping cart contents in your database for some period of time.

Dim exp as new date exp.month = exp.month + 1 Session.Cookies.Set("cartid","12345",exp)

Having a DB on the server could compromise the security of the data stored on it (I would think). Wouldn’t it be possible for a ill meaning person to download the DB and retrieve customer data stored on the database?

Why? If you’re using sqlite, just put it in a directory that’s not accessible from the web ( but is accessible from the app). If it’s something like Mysql or PostgreSQL, just don’t open the connection port to the outside world. Or am I missing your point?

Not at all. I am just flouting my inexperience, but learning something with every post. Thanks