"Learn with Byron" YouTube channel gone?

Anyone knows what happened with the “Learn with Byron” YouTube channel? All the videos are gone and his own website is empty. I learned a lot from his videos, hopefully he will be back in some form.

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Ask him in a private conversation

Maybe he’s just too busy and such places demands care he can’t handle, so he disabled it.

That’s a bummer…I learned a lot from his videos as well…enjoyed watching them. :frowning:

Same here. His earlier plan was to release tutorials on Xojo using SQLite, but that was over a year ago. Fortunately I downloaded all the videos he had released on Xojo, but based on the fact that he deleted everything, that’s probably the last we’ll see of anything coming from him. He was a little corny in his presentations, but he did have some good basic training.

@Jack_Ross Do have conditions to share the videos you had downloaded ?

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Nope. Send an email to jross@grayfoxsoftware.com and I’ll send you a link.

Byron is on Twitter/X, send him a message.

I just saw this on his YouTube Channel. Posted about 3 months ago.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. No, the rumors of my demise have definitely been a wee bit exaggerated, one could say. Hehe :rofl:

So, where in the world has Byron been? First, let me say that I have missed interacting with all you a lot! Yes, it’s definitely one of the reasons why I enjoy producing Xojo videos. No worries, I do planning on returning and creating more videos Xojo videos (plus others), again. The reason why I disappeared had to do some with family health and some work-related events. No worries – things are looking on the up and up again, and I am hoping to be back sometime in the Spring. Just an FYI!