Leap Motion and Xojo

Is there someone who have try leap motion and xojo ?

Doesn’t seem as if anybody tried it yet.

Do you have a LeapMotion developer kit Valdemar?

I’m also interested in the progress of LeapMotion since it might be technology that can somehow be integrate with the content at www.xojo3d.com

so, could you do that through the use of MBS java plugin.

I’m not sure. I still need to get myself a LeapMotion dev kit so that I can look into how one might use it.

Doesn’t have the devkit… that’s my question how use it. My Leap Motion is on delivery :slight_smile:

I’m sure you are going to have lots of fun with it :slight_smile:

For the Leap Motion SDK simply sign up here https://developer.leapmotion.com/, took me a minute to start downloading the kit. I don’t know enough to tell how to interface this with Xojo, maybe a plugin wrapper or declares.

Sounds incredible, I’ll definitely get one if I can program for it, only 80$+ ! There was a movie a couple years ago where instead of a physical keyboard it was projected on the table top and users typed on that, this could totally realize that.

my Leap arrived today… it is sitting on my porch (I am not home yet). Will be nice to play with.

anyone that gets it working with Xojo, please post your results/howto/etc… we are all excited to know about it.

I envy you.

Perhaps something similar to how OpenGL was integreated with Xojo… a basic module that declares all the LeapMotion functions. I haven’t looked at the API yet so not sure if this is possible, but this might be the easiest route to tackle it IMO.

The price is very attractive, and one of the reasons I think it will receive wide spread developer adoption. I don’t know of any other 3D Input devices of LeapMotion’s caliber that are even close to that pricing.

And it fits in nicely with Xojo’s cross-platform school of thought… compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux.

The video in the post below is a great example of what kind of software systems can be designed with 3D input devices.


Sweet! Never seen that one before! Those of you who got it…envy :wink:

Bump, was wondering if anyone has gotten any further with LeapMotion development in Xojo?

Thanks Jean-Paul.