LCD USB Via Serial Question?

I’m trying to write data to a LCD screen that is connected to a windows PC via USB. I was under the impression that I could do this via serial in Xojo. The device is powered up but I do not see any serial device in device manager. The OEM website says no special driver is needed.

It says:

Does this mean that I will not be able to send data to the device via serial? Thanks for any advice.

@Paul Lefebvre

if it is a true usb hid device, then you will not see any serial device, but a new usb device…
you need plugins I dont think it is feasible directly from xojo

Rats. That’s what i was afraid of.

MBS plugins have a way to use it, if ofcourse you have the plugins.

this one from adafruit will work as a serial device

the product in their store :

I had a very quick look at the maufacturer’s doc:

It looks like you can start a small server task and then send messages via that.

I was just wondering if you could access such usb hid devices with declares from xojo ?
or do you absolutely need plugins ?

I agree with @Chris Carter.

I also took a quick peek at their Software Developer Guide and it sure looks like using their USBLCDServer.exe app is the best way to send commands to the LCD.

@Paul Lefebvre Actually looking for a Linux solution. I’m using it with a pi. I was hoping to be able to use it through Xojo somehow so it can access variables from my app.

Thank you all for taking a look. @Chris Carter thanks for taking the time to look at the OEM website.

if you want to use it with a Pi, then my adafruit solution is the best way !

@Jean-Yves Pochez Thanks that looks interesting. I can’t use the GPIO on the Pi board though because the piFace board is taking up the GPIO. Can this device be used as serial via usb?

Looks like there are two linux solutions on that site.

Command line:


@Bob Coleman Yeah I’ve actually been working with those solutions. They require a file called usblcd and for the life of me I can’t find it on their site. I emailed customer support but no response.

yes it seems to appear as a com port if you plug the usb cable
can’t assure you because I did not try it but according to :
it seems to be a serial port via usb.

for cross platform HID USB device support, I recommend my USB Plugin with the newer classes here:

[quote=264941:@Jean-Yves Pochez]yes it seems to appear as a com port if you plug the usb cable
can’t assure you because I did not try it but according to :
it seems to be a serial port via usb.[/quote]

Thanks but the soldering required would be too much work for a practical solution for me.

there are some 20 pins to soldier… if you want to work with a Pi and cannot do this, you will not go very far playing with a Pi …

@Jean-Yves Pochez I appreciate all your help and information. The soldering issue is not my issue, as I am working on a solution for someone else who is looking to implement 50 plus at a time and cannot spend weeks soldering pins.

I’m pretty sure that for a quantity of 50 pieces you can arrange adafruit to do it for you in exchange of a small fee…
just ask them.