Layout Guidelines (The Spacing Notes You Always Wanted)

Mario Guzman has published Layout Guidelines for macOS that highlight just what spacing should be. I had always wondered what the actual values were because I mostly just nudge things around until they look “about right” for macOS.

I am so thankful to finally have numbers that can make it easy for me to make consistent layouts. You might be interested in this too if you make Mac apps and care about your UI!


Interesting stuff. The first point about “Center Equalization” can be extremely difficult to achieve on Xojo windows if you are using multiple languages.

The best way of switching it up for languages I’ve found is to place the controls on a canvas and have a language specific constant for the offset for the canvas (moving the controls it contains.

The something like this in the Opening event:

canasVariablesAlignment.Left = Val( kVariablesAlignemnt )
// Val required as you can only have language specific string constants, 
// so we need to convert it to a number.

Thanks Tim. Very good information.