Launching the App Store from an iOS application

is possible from a button with link to open the app store ?
the ShowURL(MyUrl) give me always error page invalid.
If i make copy paste on my browser the link working fine.
link is like that

That certainly seems to be how apple recommends you do this

• Launch iTunes on your computer.
• Search for the item you want to link to.
• Right-click or control-click on the item’s name in iTunes, then choose “Copy iTunes Store URL” from the pop-up menu.
• In your application, create an NSURL object with the copied iTunes URL, then pass this object to UIApplication’ s openURL: method to open your item in the App Store.

Thank you Norman.
The only way i have find until now is to from here
and For a specific app find on App Store is the bellow line.

iOS:<companyname>/<appname> for example,

I assume you’re using ShowUrl from ?
In the simulator ?
Not sure that will work
You may need to try it on a device

Yes that i use.
You have right for the simulator don’t have the app store.

I suspect thats the problem as the URL handler can redirect to the App Store app but on a device it could
I’d try a device

i need to buy a license i think to deploy on device or i am wrong?

You would need a build license to build for the device OR deploy through the app store

Kind of off topic, but kind of not :slight_smile:

If you want to launch iTunes from a webpage for a particular iOS application, all you need to do it take the URL (right click on the App icon in the App store and copy it)
then change the HTTPS:// to itms://
this will then launch iTune on the users computer, and take them to the store page for that application

example :