Launching but never launches

I have a small test Web App running as a standalone on my GoDaddy server. It is deployed on port 8008 because I have something else running on the server on port 80 with Apache.

My client is in the Bahamas and when they are running on their iPhone on the cellular network they only get the “Launching” screen and the progress bar goes about 75% across then it just freezes and never launches. When he uses his same iPhone on a WiFi network the app launches fine.

I can launch the app fine on my cellular network (AT&T) using my iPhone.

Because the initial “Launching” screen appears I am assuming it is NOT a firewall issue on the server. I have tried several ports and it always gets the same result.

My first thought is the cellular provider in the Bahamas is blocking HTTP traffic that is not port 80. But if that is true would the “Launching” screen appear?

I had him load the OOKLA Speedtest app (by the same guys that have the Web He sent me a screen shot from the cellular network using his iPhone and and his download speeds are 20megs on an LTE connection hitting a test server in Miami. So not a bandwidth issue.

Any hints to diagnose the problem would be appreciated.

If he’s getting the launching screen and then nothing else, it means that the app is either disconnecting or having problem retrieving the framework from the server.

What version of Xojo are you using and what version of iOS are they running?

Oh, and I’ll mention right up front. These types of bugs are really hard to isolate. Please send me a private message with the URL and I’ll see if there’s anything obvious.

Yep … I figured it would be hard to find.

The Web App is compiled with 2014-2 on a Mac and runs on a Linux Cent-OS box. The server runs another app that is fairly large and complex and I have had zero issues.

I don’t know the iOS version but I will ask. Since it works on WiFi on the same iPhone I thought it might be a carrier issue.

Please try the current beta. We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and I’d hate to go digging if it’s already been fixed.

I’ve got the same problem . . . randomly. Client calls me with this problem and then I sit down with him and it’s fine (same as my auto mechanic). Don’t know the iOS. The url is

Well, fwiw, I can’t get to your site from here. It just times out. I suggest having 1701 look at your apache logs to figure out what’s going on.

Thanks Greg … that complete disaster just started today.