Launching App on MAC App Store

Hi everyone,
I post this message to thank you all for your help and comments.
I have successfully launched my App “AZAY” onto the MAC App Store.

I did a demo of AZAY on a Xojo hang-out a while back, and the comments, questions, and feedback were very helpful to my understanding of what Apple would want and expect of a desktop App. I implemented all the changes and recommendations, so thank you very much to all the hang-out guys, and forum contributors. Apple accepted my App immediately, with no changes, just as I submitted it. This forum is a really valuable part of using Xojo, and being part of the community. Thanks also to Geoff and Dana at Xojo for their great support.


Good to hear, what changes did you make after your demo?

Hi Ian,
the changes were cosmetic mostly. Stop using Bevel buttons, change coloured buttons to B&W, used dropdown menus for some options, and made some choices look like ‘on/off buttons like in IOS’. I think I was already considering where the database should be held but it might have been from the feedback, I store it in special folders now.
There were only one or two suggestions I [stubbornly] did not change, and that’s fine as they were still accepted by Apple.
I suppose it was all about ‘fresh eyes’ seeing my App, and offering views of how it looks, this is always very helpful, and with developer friends in the hang-out the feedback is open and honest, very valuable indeed.
Great feedback and proves the value of supportive colleagues in the forum.

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Is there a version to test? The app looks interesting. But I’m not going to invest 40 bucks without testing.

Thank you Beatrix, I believe it is interesting to business managers who don’t fully understand Finance, and yet make decisions about their business. AZAY has the knowledge built in and algorithms to guide decision-making. But no, there is not a test version. I don’t know a way of providing a test App from the Appstore?

You can make an extra version with some features disabled and put that on your website.

You can create a more limited version of the program, functional but with for instance less classes or accounts. It cannot really be a demo, it has to be functional, but with less features.

Then in the Window menu, an item “Get the full version” will point to the present full features version.

I use such a scheme in the MAS.