LaunchAgent information Ventura

What information is Ventura showing as information in System Settings → Launch Agents for my app and how do I change that to either the name of my app or my company?

I may be wrong, but is your name is included in the plist ?

If not, then, the name displayed could be linked to your developer account. Is it a private or an organisation account ?

Just an idea.

My name is not in the plist. I have a private organisation account so the name is probably coming from there:

Can I change the “Team Name”?

I may be wrong, but I doubt it. If you try to edit your membership details, you are shown this alert

Since your membership information is associated with contracts between you and Apple, any changes to this information must be verified and approved.

  • If you recently changed your name or address, you will need to provide a government-issued photo ID or equivalent documentation that reflects the change. Provide your updated information
  • If you need to change your individual membership to an organization membership, you will be asked for a D-U-N-S Number or business documents to verify your organization’s identity. Provide your new organization information

Well, some apps show the app name so I really would prefer that instead of my name. I don’t have a DUNS number (which I still think is a global scam, but what do I know?).

Sorry, I had not noticed the other apps. Perhaps, those apps have an entry in the plist that your app has not.

Do you have a CFBundleDisplayName entry in the info.plist?

Also for your helpers?

Seems like its coming from the code signature. Are you registered with Apple as a company or individual?

@Sam_Rowlands : I’m registered as an individual.

Am pretty confident it’s getting the name from the signing certificate which is your personal name.

Does the plist for your launch agent include CFBundleDisplayName or CFBundleName?

I would suggest posting into ADF (Apple Developer Forums) to see if there’s a way to display your application name, if both or either of those keys are set.

I checked other LaunchAgents and there are no CFBundleDisplayName or CFBundleName. I’ll ask on the ADF. The other apps must manage somehow.

I totally forgot this problem. I asked on the developer list but didn’t get any reply. Could this be a Xojo problem?