Latest release is faster, but shouldn't it have been earlier?

A nice surprise in this latest release: compiling the project took less than 10 seconds at the first attempt (until now, it’d took around 2-3 minutes in the “Preparing plugins…” stage).
That’s great, and had been announced.

What I don’t understand is, it had been announced in the middle of the beta cycle* and even the previous release didn’t make it (i.e. it still took several minutes to compile in the 50558 build). Shouldn’t it have been available as soon as announced?

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Usually this means that the fix was added too late in a cycle to be considered safe and so was added to the next build cycle.

Thanks for your answer.
For the case I’m talking about, the fix was apparently added in the “final release” of the same cycle as the beta time where it was announced.
In other words, the fix was announced while in beta testing but I didn’t saw any difference until now (I thought it didn’t apply to my configuration somehow). Only now in the final release has this fix an effect on my side (a “wow” kind of effect, btw!). So it’s the same cycle.

And I thank the Xojo team for this splendid improvement!

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