Latest Mac App Store rejection: 2.3

Ma app got rejected last night with the following.

Your app or its metadata contains references to a pre-release version of Apple software, products, or hardware. Apps with compatibility references to a pre-GM version of an Apple operating system SDK or pre-released Apple products or hardware are not in compliance with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Specifically, section 2.3 states:

“Apple may provide You with pre-release versions of the Apple Software or related services that constitute Apple Confidential Information and are subject to the confidentiality obligations of this Agreement.”

Next Steps

Please remove all references to pre-release versions of Apple software, products, and hardware from your app and its metadata.

I assume it is because I have the following line in the App meta data.

• Preparations for the Apple macOS update in 2020.

I have asked for clarification. I feel like I am a really naughty developer.

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I hate the rejection happened - but brother this is funny!!! :slight_smile:

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Do you use MBS Plugins?
I hate it when I add a new property for next OS and they see the selector name.

I do not use the MBS plugins, but if they’re snooping to see what API I am using, they might encounter some of the new API for 11.0

Your Mac app usually has a table of the Cocoa classes, frameworks and selectors referenced and they usually match that against the list of private stuff.
Disallowing new calls just before the release feels silly.

I forgot about that section in the mach-o file. Hopefully it isn’t the reason for rejection, but you can never quite tell with the App Store Reviewers.

Why is “Preparations for the Apple macOS update in 2020” in the app meta data?

Because I wanted to illustrate that I’d done work to make it run in the next version of the macOS.

Think of the reviewers like being in a courtroom: answer the questions they ask you but never volunteer information.


Just wait 24 hours before sending for review again, OS updates will be released tomorrow.

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Two of my apps got removed from the MAS. I forgot about them, they were 32 bits. I updated one today to 64 bit, but was not able to submit it anyway :frowning:


The reviewer indicated that it was the line I had added to the version changes, in a roudabout (probably legally unbinding) way.

Fingers crossed.

Note that Apple is not the only one being difficult. I am also fighting with reviewers in the Play Store and Amazon app store for Android apps. The same kind of stuff about meta data, but they are so vague, I have no idea what they want done, or not done.

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Actually it’s iOS that will be released today. Not sure about macOS Big Sur…

That was it, I removed that line and the update was approved last night. Woo!