Latest Blog and Announcement - Folder Contents in a Menu

I saw the announcement and associated blog post and decided to download and try the attached demo project.

I was a little perplexed when the example project gave me an IOException so I did a little digging and found that there’s a fundamental flaw with For Each when iterating over FolderItems <>

I was left head scratching as to why Xojo would be making announcements about blog posts showing a bit of code that has a fundamental flaw.


Thanks for the feedback. The upcoming follow-up post on this adds a couple enhancements to this (sorting and showing the root folder). I’ll also add code to skip over unavailable files.


You can find Paul’s next post Folder Contents in a Menu, Redux here:


Now how about a “RecentItems Menu - Redux” that works with the App Store?

A bit of user feedback will be a good idea.

Also, this is really boring; it appears at each run, but it is not Xojo dependent (thank you Apple…) whish to access to files in your Documents folder…