Last version to support Mac OS 9 without CarbonLib?

Odd question I know, but someone on another forum is asking because they’re working on a project for vintage Macs.

I know 2007r3 was the last version to support Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib. But I have no idea what version was the last to support Classic only (Toolbox) builds.

But all versions of MacOS 9 had CarbonLib so why bother?

Apparently they’ve run into some bugs with the CarbonLib builds, so they want the last REALbasic IDE that could build for Toolbox.

Real Studio 2011r1 has Carbon, so it much be an older release.
You may need to download old releases and check yourself.

I found a backup of mine with old Windows REALbasic installers and it looks like 2006r3 was the last version to support PowerPC Toolbox builds. The docs for 2006r3 mention that REALbasic 3.5.2 was the last version to build 68K applications.

I told the programmers to contact Xojo to see if they can get a copy of 2006r3 for Mac. (The archives on the Download page only go back to 2007r1.)