Last version of REAL.Studio to support 32bit Carbon builds

I have a large private client that needs an older 32bit Carbon build for Mac OS X 10.6.8 and the opportunity is too large to ignore. What was the last version of REAL.Studio/Xojo to allow building for this platform?

This page says 2013r3

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It’s all about knowing where to look :mag: Since I already have 2012r2.1 on my Mac Pro 4,1, I’ll stick with that (known entity …)

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Yes, I use to maintain separate versions of a couple of my projects on 2013r3, for some Snow Leopard holdouts. I haven’t used it in a long time but it still exists, with the last SL compatible plugins, on my Mojave VM. :slight_smile:

Wow. That is positively ancient. Can you share any details about why their configuration needs to be kept so far in the past?

Maybe because

a) It was the best version of RS/Xojo
b) It was the best version of MacOS



Very close @Julia_Truchsess - in this case, it’s for a wall of Intel-based Xserve systems and they want to keep them alive. They use them to run the last version of Podcast Producer that came with OS X Server 10.6.8 and a few other in-house Java and Python platforms. They actually have 30 of the Xserves mothballed for system replacement over time. So far, zero system failures (hope I didn’t just jinx them …).

Also, now that I’ve reacquainted myself with REAL.Studio - wow, do I miss that IDE. Let’s me access my entire project in a 1080 display, tabs that are logical with separate tabs for the layout and code for a given window, and the list goes on.


lol you guys and your rose colored glasses. Project view being its own tab and not a sidebar is THE bottleneck that slows me down in Real Studio. I dread the day it ever comes to Xojo.

I’ll give you that. However, what about the Project in a Navigator pane a la Xojo and then the old style tabs with the Navigator being a fixed element that is NOT part of the component tabs?

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Different users have different workflows. The problem with the Xojo persons has always been that they think they know best.


I keep an old Mini with Snow Leopard or something, can’t remember exactly which version now. Reason is that the very nice software for my 35mm slide scanner wasn’t updated past that OS X version.

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I have grown to like the navigator pane being a part of the view. Though I completely understand how this could be difficult to get used to. I wrote an app to keep the .UI_State file a specific way. When I open my project the workspace is exactly the same every time. I think it’s a huge help for navigation.

Oh definitely! I hope I didn’t sound mean, I just have a different view and prefer the way things are now :slight_smile: