Last IDE version that supported High SIerra (10.13.6)

I have a user running my app (built with 2023r2.1) who is running it under macOS High Sierra and experiencing hard crashes (Segmantation fault 11). I’m assuming this is because that OS version is not officially supported by Xojo now. Before recommending that he install a more recent version of macOS, I want to try a build for him with an older IDE. I thought there used to be a doc page which listed what OS versions built apps were supported for, for older IDE versions, but I can’t find it. Could someone either point me at that page or indicate what is the most recent IDE version that supports built apps running under High Sierra (10.13.6).


There is, but it was never updated…

(it also has the Big Sur 19r3.2 listing inverted, that was the first version to officially support Big Sur, not the last)

2022r2 I believe was the last one to sort-of-but-not-really support less than 10.14. The “Minimum Version” field under Build Settings and the updated System Requirements for the IDE came into effect with 2022r3.

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Should help?

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