Large Mac mousecursor gets stuck in IDE text input fields

  1. go to System Preferences > Accessibility and enlarge the mouse cursor.
  2. open the Help window in the IDE, and mouse over the search field, or open a control popover in the IDE and mouse over the text input field in the popover. See that the mouse cursor does not behave normally inside the text field. It “gets stuck” moving very slowly. I took 2 videos of this, but the frame rate is not fast enough to show what happens - it looks like the mouse cursor is switching very rapidly between 3 states: the large pointer, a large cursor positioning double-curly-brace, and a normal size pointer (the latter is what must be causing the problem).

I can change the cursor back to normal, and everything is fine. But I would like to use a slightly larger mouse cursor because I work on a large display at a bit of a distance and a normal cursor is difficult to see.

I tried to enter a Feedback case for this, but when I try to use Feedback, the following happens to me:

  1. I search for an issue, find it’s not there, and open a case.
  2. I begin writing the case, and adding information, example projects, files, videos…
  3. In the middle of what I’m doing, the window disappears, and the Feedback login screen appears.
  4. I log back in.
  5. My work appears, with a dialog asking me if I really want to Discard my changes, or if I want to Cancel.
  6. I click Cancel.
  7. My work disappears.

I have reported this problem in Feedback itself, as a Feedback case. It is really annoying and stops me from filing Feedback cases.

You can enlarge the MouseCursor at the OS level (I do not like it because clicks sometimes loose the correct location);
A fast Mouse move enlarge temporary the Mouse cursor.

In fact, I do not have a solution: finding the Mouse on a 13" (3360 x 2100 @ 144dpi) is hard.

What version of Feedback do you have?


Update to a newer version. You shouldn’t be able to add attachments when you write a Feedback case. I’m not sure why this isn’t possible but it’s the way Feedback works right now.

Excuse me if I’m being stupid, but Feedback does not say a new version is available, and when I look around in Feedback for updating, it’s nowhere to be found. I should not have to go look at the Xojo website to find out if a new version is available.

Well, you first have to submit the case and then you can add the files. What I was saying is, when I make a case, I have prepared the files to attach. Then I’m kicked off the app, and my work is lost. It’s very extremely annoying and I often end up giving up because I do not like wasting my time.

I just went to Xojo and downloaded it, and 2018r1.1 is the current version of Feedback. More time wasted, yay! :slight_smile:


Feedback 2018r1.2 is the latest version.

Go download Feedback for macOS from the Xojo website , open the disk image, and get info: It is 2018r1.1

If there is a newer version, please share a download link.

I also have the 2018r1.2 feedback. but don’t recall where I got it from !

Very odd. Was there a link on the forum?

My suggestions is to write to Xojo support so that they put the newest version on the website.

Greg told us to go back to the previous version (I do not recall why / when).

So, I trashed that version and downloaded the one in the Extras folder.