large label bounds

Is it just me or do the label bounds seem too big for the text they contain. The bounds look fine with the System font for the most part. However when I pick something like Helvetica Neue there is a pretty big gap at the top of the text if you resize the box so the bottom bound just touches the bottom of the text. It becomes more troublesome with larger font sizes. In Xcode when I resize labels the text seems to center in the box until it can’t anymore.

Is there are reason for this behavior in Xojo. I’ve been trying to use the auto layout for things, and it seems to work OK, but I’m seeing some slight jumps of text labels and I’m wondering it’s because of the bounding box behavior. I’m laying out things touching or overlapping to make them visually appealing and maybe that’s causing these little jumps because the bounds are so big compared to the actual text.

I’m just guessing at things trying to figure stuff out at this point.