Landscape Printing

Is there a way to force a printer to print in landscape mode without invoking the Print Settings dialog?

PrinterSetup class has a property for that, so please check that.

The class only seem to work on Win/Mac. How do you print landscape on Linux?

You could prepare your printing onto a picture, then rotate it 90 degrees with a PixMapShape before drawing it to g.

How do you do that?

[code] dim pr as PrinterSetup
dim g as graphics

g = OpenPrinterDialog(pr)
if g = nil then return

dim p as new picture(g.height,g.width)

p.Graphics.TextSize = 100“Hello World”,200,200)

Dim px as PixmapShape
px=New PixmapShape(p)
px.rotation = 90/57.2958 //90 Degrees in radians
g.drawObject px,p.height/2,p.width/2

Why does Xojo not allow orientation in Linux? It’s not like other programs created for Linux can’t do this?
Obviously this is possible, but application created with Xojo disables the orientation option in the print dialog’s page setup.