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Has anyone worked with LabVIEW (LabVIEW 2020 Database Connectivity Toolkit), and connecting to MySQL? We have an enterprise solution that uses LabVIEW at test points of an assembly line, and they all have local flat-file storage. My goal is to install MySQL on each station for local dbase, then use WebServices and other XOJO-made applications to pull the data (ODBC or other) from the stations and perform biz logic upon it.

I realize this is more of a LabVIEW question, and less of a XOJO question - forgive me if I have sinned.

I can’t help you with teh LabVIEW connectivity, but maybe there is a different way at the problem.

Back about 15 years go I had to do a little work with LabVIEW and REALBasic.

It was for a custom instrument to write some reports and output them to file sever. I did not “wire” the the original LabView code (Handling strings that way was a REAL PAIN!) but I had to add some features, and learned just enough LabView to get to get it to output the info I needed.I then did everything else in an RB app, as I was already very familiar with RB. Doing it that way was the path of least resistance, and fastest for me.

The RB app was a desktop not web, but a Xojo desktop apps can talk to a web service, or directly to a server based DB Xojo supports.

IIRC LabView can launch other local apps … My RB app looked for the Text files output by LabView, parsed them and did it’s thing. Maybe you can use such an approach.

Once you bring the flat files data into an Xojo app and parse it, you can send data to a web service or remote DB.

Not elegant for sure, but maybe workable?


Hi Karen,

I knew someone else out there must have run into LabVIEW in one way or another. That product (from what I can see from the outside) is very robust these days - however there aren’t many people using the db connectivity of it. I knew it was a long shot but thought I’d toss it out there on the forum to see if it resonated with anyone.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me!

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