Labels & Text Fields

I have a label and Text Field aligned horizontally. The Text field has a border.
As the window is resized I scale the font size. The label and field scale accordingly but as I reduce the size of the window the text in the Field starts to move down within the field chopping the bottom off and the actual text in the label and field are no longer lined up.

Is there a way to stop this as it doesn’t happen to the label text

Could you post a Screen shot and code snippet please?

I tried setting the Textsize to a % of the Label and TextField size but it seems to be a padding around the Textfield that pushes the text down

StaticText2.TextSize = CurrentClueEF.Height*.7
CurrentTextEF.TextSize = CurrentClueEF.Height*.7

The Text Field has a margin, plus the border, and your label does not. You have to make the Text Field taller than the Label

If I make it bigger will the baselines ever lineup after resizing?