Labels raise MouseDown and MouseUp even when they are disabled?

I have an app that I’m working on where I use labels for the CheckBoxes and RadioButtons to allow me to change the text colors. I then handle MouseDown/MouseUp as if the user clicked the control. At certain points, I disable the control and its associated label. However, I’ve now discovered that even though the Label is disabled, the MouseDown and MouseUp events are still raised causing runtime errors.

Is this normal functionality?

Windows 10, Mac OS 10.12.6, Xojo 18r1.1.

Cant replicate that with a simple project, works as expected here and doesn’t fire when Label.Enabled = False

Win10 2018r1.1

In a project, I have a Canvs where KeyDown / KeyUp Events were not fired…

After some days, I created a simple project with a Canvas and KeyDown / KeyUp Events. It appears they works there. After a long quest, I, at last finished to discover the difference between the two projects and make the Events to be fired.

Boring process, but now I can remove the Canvas1.Backdrop image !.