Label Transparency Mac vs Win

I have a Label over a graphic on a modal window. The modal window has a different size depending on the size of Screen(0). This works fine on Mac but on Windows the graphic displayed behind the Label shows as the original rect.
I’ve tried refreshing but with no effect, how do I fix this?


Do you use a backdrop or the paint event? If you use a backdrop then try the paint event.

Thanks Beatrix that fixed it but kind of defeats the purpose of the Backdrop property :slight_smile:

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If you want I can whine about labels on macOS. I have had a couple which didn’t want to switch modes when embedded in a container 3 or 4 levels deep. Same container on a sheet worked fine.

Do you mean on a theme change? If so, I’ve seen this too, sometimes it is a container control in the window (not nested).
In the appearanceChanged event of the application, I walk through every window, every control (including nested controls) and tickle / invalidate each one.