Label Styles don't honor padding?

I thought that I’d seen a feedback report on this, but can’t find it now. If I create a label style that pads the text on the left or right, that padding is completely ignored. On some browsers, this means that the text actually goes to the edge of the label size. On others, it means that the label background stops where the padded text stops. Neither looks right and trying to force padding is simply ignored.

For example:

New Style “stLabelRightJust”
Text Align = Right
Background is Solid &c555555BE
Right Padding = 12
Top and Bottom Left Corners = 12

Create a Label that’s 400 wide and type in “Hello World”

The “d” in World will always be at the edge of the gray colored background instead of being padded 12 pixels within the space.

BTW - the layout is correct in the designer.

Yes. it’s a known bug.

The bug is old, indeed (2010). It’s very annoying. We often design interfaces based on Labels.


How can we boost it’s priority? This ends up making my work look a bit amateurish and is one of the main bits stopping me from finishing and delivering 2 of my main apps as web apps (the other being no easy way to convert Windows to WebPages or WebDialogs).

Here’s a workaround: use the Unicode ‘no break space’ character (UTF-8 C2 A0) on the end of the string where you need the padding. It displays correctly in Safari and Google Chrome, I didn’t try other browsers.