Label - how to bold one word?


Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but is it possible to bold just one word in a text label (without bolding the entire label)? Any ideas or suggestions on how this would be done?

create your own using a canvas

a one line read only text area with no scroll bars might suffice and would let you bold one word
note that it might have different characteristics than a label (ie transparency etc)
generally you dont do this though

Or use an appropriately sized TextArea and StyledText. Something like

ta1.value = "Just one bold word." ta1.StyledText.Bold (10, 4) = True
would give you

On the Mac there is API for doing this; but it’s hassle for one word in bold and like I said, only for Mac. @Norman Palardy suggestion is the other option I’d recommend, followed by using a Canvas and drawing it yourself.

[code]Public Sub FakeHTMLBoldStyle(ta As TextArea)
ta.StyledText.RTFData = ta.StyledText.RTFData.ReplaceAll("", “\b “).ReplaceAll(””, " \b0")
End Sub

TextArea1.Value = “Normal Bold Normal Bold Normal”

Will get a “Normal Bold Normal Bold Normal” in the TextArea Field.