Label helptag shows from under other controls, and make parent as well

Continuing my adventures with Windows Xojo…

The helptag issue does not present in Mac OS X, but the parent from behind is identical.

OS: Windows 8

Xojo: Xojo 2015r1

Steps: I just found two bugs when covering a label with a rectangle :

1 - In the IDE, if a label is underneath the rectangle and one drags a control over the region where the covered label is, it becomes parent from behind the rectangle, although it is not visible. See screen video.

2 - Run the attached project : Label1 has a helptag “I should not show”. Rectangle 1 contains a button which has the helptag “I should show”. The OK button moves Rectangle1 in and out of the window. When Rectangle1 covers Label1, it would be expected that the helptag for Button1 displays. But it never shows. Instead, Label1 which is covered by the rectangle shows it’s helptag.

Expected Result:
The proper helptag displays, and only Rectangle1 should be parent of Button1

Actual Result:
The covered label helptag displays, and it tries to become parent from behind the rectangle


In the open event of the label control, set me.parent = nil.

The issue is not with the parent of the label. It is that the label help tag shows from under another control and inhibits that control helptag.

In the project I attached to the report, a button has as parent Rectangle1, which has parent Window1, and covers Label1. Normally, Button1 should show it’s help tag. Yet only Label1 help tag shows.

The only way I could mitigate the issue is by setting label1.visible = false when the rectangle is over it.

As for what happens in the IDE, it just looks like it makes parent. In practice, parent is right. It is just a visual bug, apparently.