Label font properties not showing in Inspector panel

I’ve started work on a new Windows-only tool and I just noticed that the Font properties are not shown in the Inspector panel when running on Windows. I’ve closed and reopened the project and restarted the IDE. No Change.

Anyone else witnessing this?

Windows 8.1 64bit fully up to date.
Xojo 14r3.1

They should be on the “second” screen of the inspector. Click the gear icon. (I think there is an issue where the gear icon doesn’t display if you have the inspector set to floating.)

There is no Gear icon, but I do use floating palettes. I’ll redock them and try.

yeah there’s a bug in floating palettes that I just fixed on windows
with the embedded panes the font should show

Re-docking works.

However, when you shift back from floating to embedded, the Tools palette doesn’t close and must be manually closed and reopened to re-dock. Has that been reported?

cant say I’ve seen that one but then I’m only at about case 20000 or so (again) trolling through them once more