Kudos to Xojo on the 2024r1 Release

Wow, today was quite a surprise and almost like Christmas in March. Not only are there some great features released that we were all expecting such as popovers, barcodes, and all the various Xojo Web improvements, but there were a few surprises as well.

In spite of what was already looking to be a pretty substantial release, Xojo still shocked us with a few new unexpected items. The version control in Xojo Lite is surely to be appreciated by many and the ChatGPTConnection class definitely came out of nowhere, especially as someone who’s been testing the 2024r1 betas. But maybe the biggest change is the licensing update to allow Xojo Lite for Linux for free! This is a great move and here’s to all the new Xojo Linux devs.

Fabulous job to the entire Xojo team, especially as this release trails the already phenomenal 2023r4 that brought massive speed improvements. I was already expecting to be super thrilled with 2024r1 and now my happiness has been further expanded with all the new surprises.


Don’t forget it also makes Xojo open source projects a more reasonable possibility! As an open source Linux Xojo dev I’m exstatic!