Kudos for BKS_Shorts

I own a lot of Xojo third party controls and tools, but I wanted to make mention of one that I have become particularly fond of lately: The BKS_Shorts Reporting tool. It’s an object-oriented, project drop-in that is used for creating Reports directly in code in a Xojo project. I had the undesirable task of recreating some very custom print reports that were done in a VB6 conversion project. The row-based reports were pretty easy to convert, but some of the reports were 2D table-based reports. After I got to used to the demo, it was pretty easy to remove the RecordSet loop and replace it with an array-based lookup for the tabular data.

Shorts has a canvas-based viewer for the preview and it was fairly easy to tie-in a Scope Bar at the top of the screen to select all the print options (report choice, orientation, paper size, font size, report page navigation, etc…). This tool has really helped me get through a not-so-fun section of this Conversion project in a very short amount of time. Compared to the built-in report tool in Xojo, it has already paid for itself on the first project I used it on. Well worth the investment I made in this tool.

… and this is the icing on the cake

+1 That is exactly why I decided to write Shorts Designer using Shorts as the output engine. It allowed me to strap a GUI on for banded reports but retain the full power of Shorts for the more complex reports. I don’t think the effort involved in a GUI for complex reporting is justified when Shorts, and a little learning investment, can do pretty much whatever you need.

I second BKS_Shorts praise here.

in the last reporting project I did, Shorts allowed me to full flexibility to make the report the way it needed to be and worked very well with DynaPDF.


Thank you for developing Shorts Designer. This is going to be an additional assets for my next project.

The Report Designer will be included in the next official version of Shorts. We have only a few things left on the list to change/enhance so I plan on a January release.

I’ll also point out the Reporting with BKeeney Shorts webinar that Bob did last Spring, for those looking to learn more about it.

Perhaps once I get the new release out we do another seminar?