Known bug?

I am seeing some issues with the GUI and I wanted to see if they were a known bug before I filed a feedback

  1. I attempt to compile my code and get a syntax error. I try to correct the bug but the GUI will not let me. I can delete text and/or add new lines. However I cannot type any characters

  2. After a failed compile, when I click on various Methods or Properties under “App” the entire GUI crashes

I am running windows XP

Are you at SP3? I saw similar issues with an SP2 system (we keep around for backwards compatibility).

Just saw this too on windows 8.1, had to click to another tab and back and was then able to edit the code.

Never seen this on Windows 7. Also what version of Xojo are you using?

Xojo 2013r2 and 2013r4.1

Haha, now we still don’t know what version of the IDE was being used when the problem occured :wink:

I saw it this afternoon 4 times in 2013r4.1 on Windows 8.1 - 64bit.