Kiosk declares in Mac apps?

I have a kiosk app on the Mac app store that uses some declares to hide various UI elements. I had a request from a user to make a change to this app and update it on the app store; however, I am getting an error when running the app in XOJO that says:

“Declares directly into the runtime via Lib “” are no longer supported”

I’m using the declares from this source:

link text

Anyone know of a workaround so I can update this app?

You’ll have to look at Apple’s docs, figure out what the actual library names are and specifically declare them. Use of an empty string is reserved for internal use.


I got this code from some other place, but I’m not sure if the Lib is actually blank. Here is the declare statement.

Soft Declare Function SetSystemUIMode Lib UILib (inMode As Integer, inOptions As Integer) As Integer

Use google to search apples developer section…


First link takes you to ‘Application Manager Reference’ which has the function

In the top right of that page it says “@import Carbon;”. That’s the library this function is in.

So try “Carbon” as your lib.

it’s also in MBS Plugins:
SetSystemUIModeMBS(mode as integer, Options as integer)