KeyChain duplicate certificates

I intended to wrap an app of mine code-signing it as Website Deployment, but App Wrapper tells me that I have duplicate certificates.

Indeed, in Keychain Access I can see two Developer ID Application certificates (expiry 2020 and 2024), and two Developer ID Installer certificates (expiry 2020 and 2024).
In Xcode (10.1) too I can see the duplicate certificates, created in 2015 and 2019.

So, in Keychain, after exporting on the desktop the Developer ID App certificate expiring at 2020, I deleted it, but when I went back to Xcode I saw that it was still listed, grayed out, with the comment “missing from Keychain” (or something like it). Even clicking then “Downloading certificates” button, the grayed out certificate remained listed.
Therefore, in Keychain, I reinstalled it, and after deleting Developer ID App 2024, I got the same issue, with Xcode graying out the missing certificate. So I reinstalled this certificate too.

Now, what am I supposed to do? Should I proceed and delete the 2020 certificates and keep Xcode showing that they are missing?
I was under the impression that Xcode took care of all these issues…

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

As an afterthought, since I have items on the Apple iBook Store too, could it be that the duplicate certificates refer one to Books and the other to Apps?

For me personally, I simply delete them from KeyChain. I don’t do any book authoring so I can’t comment on that.

Delete the ones that expire sooner, from the Keychain and then go to and revoke the deleted Certificates.

Some can’t be revoked. They will “forever” be listed in Xcode with “Not in Keychain”, but this is no issue.

Deleted both from Keychain.
Then, as Sasha warned, in both certificates could not be revoked (the button is disabled for all my certificates), and Xcode lists them with “Not in Keychain”. I’ll live with it, since [quote]this is no issue[/quote].
And later App Wrapper did its job.
Thank you both. Appreciated.