Keyboard / TextArea questions

Hey there,

I have a few questions…

  1. Is it possible to disable spell checking in TextAreas and TextFields. The red dashed underline on unrecognized words is a problem in my app. A declare perhaps?

  2. Is it possible to disable the word hints that appear at the top of the iOS keyboard? This is also a problem and not appropriate for my app. A declare?

  3. What is the best way to dismiss the keyboard? None of the keyboard types have a “Done” key. The only way to close the keyboard is to tap outside the TextArea. I came up with a workaround by changing the “Return” key type to “Done” using this line of code in the TextArea open event:


And then calling Clearfocus (from iOSWrapper) in the TextArea’s TextChanged event whenever the “Done” key ( chr(13) ) is tapped. Is there a better way that will preserve the CR in the TextArea?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


What about adding Done in the navigation bar ?

I thought about that. I already have a 100ms timer running that could watch TextArea.isFirstResponder and add the Done button when the TextArea gets focus. I haven’t found a way to turn off QuickType on the keyboard. I also need numbers, letters and punctuation to be displayed together without having to toggle. I could try rolling my own keyboard and add both Return and Done keys. I could build it on a rectangle and scroll it onto the view as needed.

I still haven’t found a way to disable autocorrect to get rid of the red dashed underlines. me.xjtextarea_autocorrect(false) doesn’t seem to work. I guess I could hide the textarea under a rectangle and paint the text on the rect. What a PITA.


It also contains a way to disable autocorrection, which I believe triggers the red underline . See also

From discussion in other forums, Apple keeps its paw on keyboards. There are accounts of people precisely doing that who got their apps rejected. I looked into it when I wanted to make a smaller keyboard for the iPad. It seems to be verboten. That is how you get half of the 9" screen eaten away…

The problem of punctuation and numbers is only valid on iPhone, since the iPad has a full keyboard. Maybe you could add keys above the keyboard for numbers, since you will be removing QuickType ? If the style is not too close to the native iOS keyboard, it should pass the reviewers.